Is Time Running Out?



When our children are little, all we can think about is what it will be like when they are are grown. When they sleep through the night. When they are potty trained. When they start school. When they are old enough to clean up after themselves. When they can drive. When they start a job. When they graduate.

And then it happens and we are like, where did the time go? Then we want to get it back. To do more. To say more. To make sure they knew they were loved the best we could. To fix our misatles we made as parents.

We often here people talk about the right time to do things, or not having enough time or my favorite, time management. We think about these phrases because we all know we are only here for a limited time and we want to make the best of every day.

We read all the article about happiness. And that is all we truly desire in life. To be happy and spend as much time with our loved ones as we possibly can. To me, we can sum it very simply.


“Human desire is to create a life of complete happiness with those we love and to always live each day with gratitude and giving of ourselves. Life is not the regret of time spent foolishly but rather of dedication of being better than ones self was the day before.”


Have GREAT day!




Isn’t It Time You Had Life On Your Terms?


Take the time…


We all have the same amount of time in every day. The same 24 hours. But what are we doing with it? Is it of value to us and our family? Or is it just busy work? Things that we  label “important” when they really don’t matter to us at all?

As I have reached a milestone this year, I realize that what we do every day needs to add value to our lives. i set here talking to you at the age of 50. And while I am far from being done with reaching my goals in life, I will evaluate what I have not accomplished because I was not focusing on the right values. So Here are a few things I want to pass on that I have learned. Good luck and redefine your “important” in your life!

  • Always take time for your family, you need to bank your memories.
  • Work is important, but make sure to have a balance.
  • Laugh more. Live more. Dance more.
  • Listen when others speak with your ears and your eyes. Be focused on them completely.
  • And when anything stresses you or tries to bring you down, just stop. Breathe and remind yourself I “got” this and fix it or walk away.



Why You Will Never See Me Argue Politics or Religion On Social Media


Rant, rave and carry on.  I am surprised I haven’t lost my “membership” to all social media platforms. I mean isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Fight about who is right and who is wrong?

You will never see  me choose to do that. When it comes to politics and religion, I am like any one else, I have my beliefs and feel just as strongly about them. I am just not going to  getting to a “debate” about  who is right and who is wrong. Nothing is that black and white. I do understand that using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is about sharing and liking. I get that, really I do.

Unfortunately, not everyone does. They think that it is a place for them to get attention for the unnecessary behaviors they feel like displaying. I do enjoy a good conversation and I love to have a discussion with you on any subject, until it it becomes condescending or mean. Because then you ability to be objectionable about it is gone.

Lets face it, we all learned as kids, that we valued each others opinions. First at home, then at church and finally at school. And while I am aware that not everyone had  the benefit of all three, I know that somewhere along way you did hear the phrase, “If you can say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’

Sadly most folks are really good people deep down in, and they mean well. But regrettably as wonderful as social media can be, it doesn’t come with instructions. I will always  choose to build others up, regardless of who they are and how they think. I want to acknowledge them for their contributions to society as a whole. After all, we can all agree, we want to see a better, happier tomorrow. And to do that we must get past our differences, not dwell on them.

Make it a great day!




Where do you shop the most?

Do you shop online or offline_

So we are in the age of instant gratification. Everything is easier, faster and more accessible through the world wide web. And with our busy, fast paced lives, why not make one more thing even easier for ourselves. Shopping!! I mean let’s face it, it is an easy way you mark off another thing on that “to do” list that never ever is completely done.

You can get everything online that you can get offline, well almost everything. And with the apps that you can download to your smart phone, it is even easier. Once you download it. Create your account and verify your account!!

So which one are you? Do you like the convenience of shopping online? Or would you rather go to the store and spend the day at the mall, the outlets and get a bite to eat?

What factor’s  make your decision for you?

  • driving to get there and the cost of gas?
  • parking then having to walk?
  • dealing with the other people shopping?
  • you want to spend your time doing better things?
  • you get discounts for shopping online?
  • having things delivered to your door?
  • supporting the small business man?
  • brand loyalty?

Regardless of what your choice may be, the trend is growing more and more each day. And it is just beginning. I know for myself, it was simple. I was able to save money and that money help to create an income for other families. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to add your comments and thoughts. I look forward to getting your input on the subject.


Make it a great day!!






What Does Your “Dream” Job Look Like?


It’s 5:00 am. Your alarm is ringing. Your spouse is nudging you with their arm and it’s time to get up and start your day. Another day for you to head off to the office, the ship, the factory or a medical facility.
Regardless of where you’re going, you call it your job. You will fight traffic, deal with customers and clients and at the end of your shift you will be glad to head home. And most of you will do this same activity for the next 40 years.

You will do it because it is what you know. Because you started working it right out of high school. For others you may have gone to college to learn a skill set and then started your career.

But ask yourself this question, did you choose your job or career because you loved it and were passionate about it? Or did you choose it because you calculated out the amount of money you would make at it and knew your debt to income ratio was in good shape? When you get ready to go to work, do you ever have that feeling that you wish you didn’t have to do it today?

What if you didn’t? What if you could do something you loved and were passionate about it? What would you do? And why did you choose that particular thing to spend your days doing it? Is there a time clock? Do you have a boss? Is there a long commute?

We all want to be our own boss and decide what we worth, don’t we? To feel good at what we do and to make a difference? Take some time today and think about it, and ask yourself, “what does my dream job really look like?”

Make it a great day!





How To Set Your Goals and CRUSH Them!


Afternoon! Hope today finds you warm and comfortable. At least as you read my blog. Then I want you to get uncomfortable and get something done! That is what I want you to understand. The only way to get out and CRUSH your goals in 2018, is to be UNCOMFORTABLE!

We all have different things that motivate us. To be better. To achieve more and to find contentment in our life. I recently read an article about what  the top 10 things that people desired. They listed them as  happiness, money, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, stability and passion. How many of them are you looking for?

The thing about goals, is that they are necessary for you to better yourself. They are the reason behind why you want more money, more quality family time and a better future. So what are you doing to get them? What did you do today? Yesterday? Last week? If you say nothing, then you need to stop and change what you are doing.

  • Stop making excuses
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stop doubting your ability
  • And stop accepting the the lies you tell yourself that you don’t deserve it

You want more in 2018? Get Uncomfortable! Write your gaols down, with a date and then DO IT everyday! Just remember C.R.U.S.H (Continually Reaching Until Something Happens)!!

Make IT A Great Day!



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