Can YOU Beat This List? (Why I Am Thankful?)

When you think of all that you are thankful for this year, Here are a few more things I bet you didn’t think about…

I am thankful for/that:

  • I can walk on both legs and don’t need a wheelchair
  • I can see through my glasses because I am not blind
  • I can hear others speak, even if I have to look at them when they do it
  • I feel things with my hands because I don’t have arthritis
  • I can still bath myself, and don’t need help
  • I can have my dignity and be treated with respect
  • And folks will still here what I say, because my age allows me to still have my memory.

When you look at those older than you, please remember, they are no different. Only thing they have over you, is they know  what lies ahead.




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