Character is What We Do when No One is Watching.

What do you do when no one is watching?
Do you eat the cookie even though
you told everyone you were on a diet?
Do you do the full ten reps of sit-ups
even though no one is counting?
Do you pick up the dog poop in your
neighbours yard even though there are
several dogs it could be blamed on?
Do you fulfill your self-commitment to
write an article for your blog even
though there is no immediate
consequence if you don’t?
It’s the things you do when no one is
holding you accountable except yourself that
build the character and integrity
necessary for incredible success.

Character is not a perception.

Your moral character will inevitably shine
through your attempt to mask any flaws.
So own them. Grow. Work. Triumph.
Be the person you want to be.

Do something everyday to build your
character when no one was watching.

To your success,



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