Success In Life…And Your Work Ethic…

One of the best ways to prepare your children for a successful future, is to give them chores. You will give them more by doing this than any college education or trade school can do for them.

When my kids were younger, they had friends to the house one day. When I mentioned to them, to finish their choirs, their friend asked them, “what are chores?”

To be honest, I should have said take care of your responsibilities. By giving my children chores, I did teach them responsibility. I also was teaching them that being a part of a family, team or group of people, you did your work or task at hand  because it was expected of you.

And that when you did finish, everything went smoothly and everyone gained from it. But more so, you gain confidence and belief in yourself. And to be truly successful in life, you will need to rely on yourself and your team to grow and become better.

So they next time you think about picking up your kids clothes or their toys off the floor, just remember, their future depends on you.

Author: Lynn Galbraith

Hi! I am glad you decided to come read my about page and learn a little more about my family. I am a very busy mom. When my husband and i got married, we both wanted me to be able to stay at home with our children and raise them. So for our family, we were able to be blessed enough for that to happen. But as with most families, life gets in the way and they have to work outside the home to help generate an extra income. I never thought that much about being at home, and the flexability I had to be able to work our lives around our kids. When I went in search of a business opportunity, it had to be real. I looked and looked and was ready to give up, and then I stumbled onto the perfect choice. My husband and I wanted something that was legit, could help others and was so simple our kids could do ! And i am so happy that today I am working with a great group and together we are changing lives!! Could your life be next???

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