Daily Thoughts From A Crazy MOM…:)



confused couplle

Hello all you happy readers!!

I thought it would be fun to start a journal and share it with you daily!! Just one crazy mom to another. I am not trying to be better than anyone else, just maybe a friend that you can sit and have a chuckle or two with everyday..

As life would have it, our days are never dull around here.

How is this for starters. My daughter decided to go and lie to us and get herself grounded. Typical teenager right? So we thought we would ground her from driving her truck to school and work, thus making it harder on us to get her around. BUT as parents we felt it necessary to teach her a lesson.

Here is the kicker… I think she is ok with it, because she is going to save gas…Some punishment hugh? LOL

Have a great day!!



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