5 Of The BIGGEST Mistakes People Make When Looking For A Business From Home

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Hey there. My Name is Lynn. And I have been working from home for more that 12 years now. In that time, I have been given the chance to talk with many of people. And I have also learned to watch for certain trends that people fall into when they are starting to look for work from home.

I have also paid attention to  the state of the economy here in the states. It is still one where the average family needs to have multiple incomes coming into their homes, to survive, as well as to achieve the goals they have for their families. Unfortunately, for so many families, they end up with both parents working. And usually the also have one of those parents working a part-time second job. This not only involves more gas and time spent away from their children. But it is also have a diverse affect on their health. All too often it is a little too late when they realize, they had a simpler, better option.

I have seen so many people start looking to get details on a business from home, only to be put off by hype and headaches to get started. And I do want them to be cautious. You should always question  what you’re looking at with the BBB. That is just the smart thing to do. But sometimes, folks will bypass a real opportunity right in front of their nose, because they just don’t know what they don’t know.

So I put together some of the biggest reasons I feel stop people in their tracks for all the wrong reasons. I hope you  get some great info from  these following points of view and realize, that you just may have passed up the perfect opportunity for your family and loved ones that could change your life.

1) Making Assumptions. Ok so you get some of the details or someone tells you to contact them for more info. Right away, it is one of “those” companies.  Your grandma’s  sisters, niece, cousin did that and she didn’t make any money at it. Ok first of all ask yourself, what was the business? Were there  tangible products or service that people truly needed? Secondly, did she really work it as a business or did she just piddle with it more like a hobby? And lastly, there are a ton of business out there that are completely legit, but they might not suit everyone looking. So just because Sally Sue tried it and didn’t like it, does not mean it isn’t perfect for you.

2) Following through Once You Start.Once you are interested in getting the information on a business. Carry through with getting all the details. Again, asking someone else opinion is good, but take what they are telling you with a grain of salt. Unless they have done their homework on the business or company, you owe it to yourself to get the correct information, from a reputable source. If you want to buy oranges, do you ask a grocer, or mechanic?

3)Knowing the Difference. When you start looking for a business from home, understand the difference between a job and a business. The title work from home, is very broad and is sometimes misleading. A job from home is usually something that you can telecommute for a job outside the home. Or another way to look at it, babysitting or elder care, those are jobs from home. You make money instantly. It is called sweat equity. You get paid for the service you provide. usually  on hourly rate or a salary based position. With a home based business, you  a paid a residual income. The difference being you get paid on a job you did, only it is month after month for a one time appointment.

4) Does the product/Service Meet Peoples Needs? Truth be told, this is the most obvious question to ask yourself. Because we live in economy where everyone has the same opportunity, the bottom line will come down to, am I offering a products and service that people need? That the can get for a good price and the quality is good standard?  For any business to be successful, those factors must be of the utmost importance.

5) And Finally, Are YOU Committed? Are you going to be willing to put the time into your own business?  Ask any entrepreneur, if they got to be successful by wishing they would get there one day? Or did they roll up their sleeves and do what it took to get the job done. Are you really committed to make a change in your life?  There will always be jobs for you to work, they are everywhere. But if you want more than that, if you truly want to have a wonderful life with the choice you desire. You have come this far, so why quit now? You owe  it to yourself to get all the details to make a truly educated decision.


The Choice Is yours, Are You Ready?




One thought on “5 Of The BIGGEST Mistakes People Make When Looking For A Business From Home

  1. Betty Hubbard says:

    Lynn, this is great and I appreciate you posting it. After last night’s training, I realize I need to work smarter (and harder) in getting my business off the ground. Please feel free to communicate with me. My email address for Melaleuca is different from my regular email: bphubbard2013@gmail.com

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