At What Cost??

Raising A Family. It takes work. And time and most of all commitment. It is not something you can start one day and decide after a week, that you want to quit or stick it in the closet. Once you start having children, you have them for the next 18 years. And if you have more than one, then it might be a little longer. You are going to be there to help them, feed them, dress them, pay for them and once in a while, even discipline them. And you will have days and week and months and years to practice getting it right.

Then when you add in jobs, and school and sports and and life gets more complicated. We all have been there and we all know how that feels. I think we all desire to have a wonderful life for our children. So I want to share with you a few ideas. That will help you to learn to make the most of every day. T make sure the good memories don’t just slip through your fingers.


Put parenting first. This is hard to do in a world with so many competing demands. Good parents consciously plan and devote time to parenting. They make developing their child’s character their top priority. Once you’re a parent, you have to learn to put your priorities below your children’s, and to make the sacrifice to spending more of your day caring for them than you do caring for yourself

Eat dinner as a family. One of the most dangerous trends in the modern family is the dying of the family meal. The dinner table is not only a place of sustenance and family business but also a place for the teaching and passing on of our values. Manners and rules are subtly absorbed over the table. Family mealtime should communicate and sustain ideals that children will draw on throughout their lives


Learn to listen to your children. Influencing their lives is one of the greatest things you can do. It is easy to tune out our children, and a missed opportunity for meaningful guidance. If you never listen to your children and spend all of your time barking orders at them, they won’t feel respected or cared for.

Know that you can never love your child too much. It’s a myth that loving your child “too much,” praising your child “too much,” or showering your child with “too much” affection can make your child spoiled rotten. Giving your child love, affection, and attention will positively encourage your child to develop as a human being. Giving your child toys instead of love, or not reprimanding your child for bad behavior is what will lead you to spoil your child.

Teach your children to be grateful. Teaching your child to be truly grateful is different than forcing your child to say “thank you” all the time. To truly teach your child to be grateful, you have to say “thank you” all the time yourself, so your child sees the good behavior. If your child complains that everyone in school has a new toy that you won’t let her get, remind her how many people are less fortunate than she is

Be involved in your child’s daily life.
 It will take effort and strength to be there for your child every day, but if you want to encourage your child to develop his own interests and character, you have to create a strong support system for him. This doesn’t mean you have to follow your child around every second of the day, but it does mean that you have to be there for all of the little moments, from his first soccer game to family time at the beach.




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