Online Advertising, Are You Getting Their Attention?

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In today’s world, what you want to say all depends on how you advertise it and where. In a world largely  orchestrated by Social Media you want to make your voice heard and your presence known. But if you are planning to do this, you better be quick about it.

You will want to catch the eye of the consumer quickly, or they will be off and clicking to the next person in line.

In a world where instant gratification is a necessary evil, you need to get their attention and hold on to it. You need to leave a lasting image, so that they can’t forget you!!

 Here are a few tips when you are create an ad for anything online.

Bright…You want the colors to stand out

Pictures…what makes you happy or makes you feel good? Use those imagines to attract others that think Like you do.

Wording..Less is always more. Give them enough to get their attention, but not enough to satisfy their curiosity…

Have Fun!!

Lynn Galbraith
814-715-0966 (cell)
Helping YOU Work From Home Since 2001
You Must be The Change You Wish To See In The World. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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