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What makes YOU want to get out of bed everyday?


We all have those days. When the alarm goes off and we think, just 5 more minutes!! We roll over, and 5 minutes later, the snooze button goes off. Ok, so we want 5 MORE minutes, so we throw our shoe at our alarm. Don’t laugh, you all know you have done the same thing.

Most folks feel this way because they have to get out of bed for their job. Others may feel this way because they are stay at home parents and they know the children will not stay in bed as long as they would like.

Regardless of you reason we all have one. Sometimes it is because we have been working hard and are just completely exhausted. But one way or the other, we get up, we shower and we grab a cup of “jo” to start the day.

What is the reason? The motivation for you? Family? Your children? Your job? Money? Once you figure that out, then I want you to tell me why that one thing above all is the most important to you?

For me, it was always my kids.  I wanted them to realize, regardless of what life tossed you, there was always a reason to get up and do something everyday. Just because our purpose isn’t always clear to us, doesn’t mean we don’t work in the direction of our goals anyway. Now they are adults and living on their own, I would say my reason is still the same. Everyday has a purpose. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you wont be the reason someone else has a good day, and that is always a great reason!!

Make it a great day, your up and out of bed anyway!!

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