Is This All There Is?


Most of us started working when we were old enough to drive. After all, we wanted a car. And with that car came insurance. So that is how we entered the work force. Then after awhile, we started dating and had children, so then it became more of a necessity. So we began to understand what “sweat-equity’ was.  Which is getting paid by the hour. you work, you get paid. And for the next couple decades we continued doing that, because after all, it is what our parents did.

However some of us, decided along the way that we liked the idea of being our own boss. Not continue to be  a slave to a job. We wanted the benefits of being able to decided what we were worth and when we worked. So we set out in search of a bigger goal. And it wasn’t easy.  But then again, most of those things in life aren’t or everyone would be doing them.

So How do YOU know if you are one of those people? Below is a list of characteristics that will help you decided.

*Do you enjoy what you are doing?

*Are you goal oriented?

*Can you reach deadlines without guidance?

*Can you lead others?

*Do you have a no matter what attitude?

And most of all, Do you want a GREAT life and what to help others to have the same thing?

I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to create a residual income, until I tried it. Now I help others to add to their lives!! We are building a GREAT future for ourselves and our families!!

And it all started with a simple question…IS this REALLY all there is? For us the answer was no….How about you? Do You Want More?


Lynn Galbraith



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