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How To Set Your Goals and CRUSH Them!


Afternoon! Hope today finds you warm and comfortable. At least as you read my blog. Then I want you to get uncomfortable and get something done! That is what I want you to understand. The only way to get out and CRUSH your goals in 2018, is to be UNCOMFORTABLE!

We all have different things that motivate us. To be better. To achieve more and to find contentment in our life. I recently read an article about what  the top 10 things that people desired. They listed them as  happiness, money, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, stability and passion. How many of them are you looking for?

The thing about goals, is that they are necessary for you to better yourself. They are the reason behind why you want more money, more quality family time and a better future. So what are you doing to get them? What did you do today? Yesterday? Last week? If you say nothing, then you need to stop and change what you are doing.

  • Stop making excuses
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Stop doubting your ability
  • And stop accepting the the lies you tell yourself that you don’t deserve it

You want more in 2018? Get Uncomfortable! Write your gaols down, with a date and then DO IT everyday! Just remember C.R.U.S.H (Continually Reaching Until Something Happens)!!

Make IT A Great Day!



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