What Does Your “Dream” Job Look Like?


It’s 5:00 am. Your alarm is ringing. Your spouse is nudging you with their arm and it’s time to get up and start your day. Another day for you to head off to the office, the ship, the factory or a medical facility.
Regardless of where you’re going, you call it your job. You will fight traffic, deal with customers and clients and at the end of your shift you will be glad to head home. And most of you will do this same activity for the next 40 years.

You will do it because it is what you know. Because you started working it right out of high school. For others you may have gone to college to learn a skill set and then started your career.

But ask yourself this question, did you choose your job or career because you loved it and were passionate about it? Or did you choose it because you calculated out the amount of money you would make at it and knew your debt to income ratio was in good shape? When you get ready to go to work, do you ever have that feeling that you wish you didn’t have to do it today?

What if you didn’t? What if you could do something you loved and were passionate about it? What would you do? And why did you choose that particular thing to spend your days doing it? Is there a time clock? Do you have a boss? Is there a long commute?

We all want to be our own boss and decide what we worth, don’t we? To feel good at what we do and to make a difference? Take some time today and think about it, and ask yourself, “what does my dream job really look like?”

Make it a great day!






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