Where do you shop the most?

Do you shop online or offline_

So we are in the age of instant gratification. Everything is easier, faster and more accessible through the world wide web. And with our busy, fast paced lives, why not make one more thing even easier for ourselves. Shopping!! I mean let’s face it, it is an easy way you mark off another thing on that “to do” list that never ever is completely done.

You can get everything online that you can get offline, well almost everything. And with the apps that you can download to your smart phone, it is even easier. Once you download it. Create your account and verify your account!!

So which one are you? Do you like the convenience of shopping online? Or would you rather go to the store and spend the day at the mall, the outlets and get a bite to eat?

What factor’s  make your decision for you?

  • driving to get there and the cost of gas?
  • parking then having to walk?
  • dealing with the other people shopping?
  • you want to spend your time doing better things?
  • you get discounts for shopping online?
  • having things delivered to your door?
  • supporting the small business man?
  • brand loyalty?

Regardless of what your choice may be, the trend is growing more and more each day. And it is just beginning. I know for myself, it was simple. I was able to save money and that money help to create an income for other families. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to add your comments and thoughts. I look forward to getting your input on the subject.


Make it a great day!!







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