Business Tips

Keeping Up With The Neighbors

As a young couple, my husband and I tried to keep up with the neighbors when we first got married. We had the new car, the better clothes and the most toys for our kids. It didn’t really make a difference to our kids or our families, only to us. What it did do is lead us to a pile of debt we didn’t need.  In the process of learning to get out of that debt, we learned that what would work for our family just had to satisfy our needs.


While that was quite a few years ago, the lessons we learned and and those experiences have made me more aware of teaching my children and others around me the value of their dollar. here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Your first priority should be not going into debt. make your decisions based on your needs, not on your wants.
  2. Your second one is budgeting your money. Always pay your bills first and set aside money for a rainy day. “fail to plan, plan to fail.”
  3. And third is tie your dream list to your goals, then what you do have will mean more to you because you have earned it. it means learning to be patient and work for what you really want!

To YOUR Great Life!!



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