Don’t Blink…

cropped-cropped-13832814964801.jpgThere have been song sung about it. There have been books written about it. You will often hear grandmothers talking about it. What is that you may ask? It is the age-old  thoughts about when children grow up.

I am learning all to well, that life experiences are fleeting. You have your children. You go through the sleepless nights. The potty training. The first skinned knee. The bully on the playground. The first broken heart. The sports, the concerts and all the stuff in between. You wonder when things will slow down. When you will have time to sit and not have a pile of laundry and dishes piled to the ceiling.

Mark my words, it will happen. And you will want it back when it does. The house becomes quiet. The squabbling is gone. You can talk to your spouse without interruption. You will find yourself looking for things to do to stay busy. But  you need to remind yourself that this is a good thing.

You have raised them right. You have given them wings. They  now have a chance to show you what they can do…so sit back, relax and enjoy…


Daily Thoughts From A Crazy MOM…:)



confused couplle

Hello all you happy readers!!

I thought it would be fun to start a journal and share it with you daily!! Just one crazy mom to another. I am not trying to be better than anyone else, just maybe a friend that you can sit and have a chuckle or two with everyday..

As life would have it, our days are never dull around here.

How is this for starters. My daughter decided to go and lie to us and get herself grounded. Typical teenager right? So we thought we would ground her from driving her truck to school and work, thus making it harder on us to get her around. BUT as parents we felt it necessary to teach her a lesson.

Here is the kicker… I think she is ok with it, because she is going to save gas…Some punishment hugh? LOL

Have a great day!!


A Little About My WHY

Here are my three kids and a little bit about all of them. I hope you enjoy and understand WHY I love what I do! It’s all because of them!!!

Meet my son Kyle. He is 21 and is serving with the USMC.He has two years to go and his plans at that point are to go back to school.He is goal oriented and knows that what ever he does, he will not stop until he is successful.One of the things I love the most about him is his laugh.If you are in a room and hear him chuckle, you will find you cant help but smile yourself.

Next I would like for you to meet my son Tyler. He is 18. He took a year off after high school to make money, so that when he starts college in the fall, he can get a jump on his expenses.  He plan to major in Sports Management and Athletic Training. Tyler is the most mellow of my three children and has the biggest heart. I love that he has a way of making you laugh, even when you don’t feel like it.

An last but NEVER least is my daughter Sara. She is 16 and is  in high school. She works part time so she has money to spend. She Has decided that she wants to be a beautician when she graduates, BUT she wants to own her own shop, so that she is in control of her life. The thing I love most about Sara is that she is not only beautiful, but she is tough and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t do something.

Live YOUR Life With Passion, Or Go Home,


I can take my office with me..


One of the best things about being a mom that works from home is the family time. Don’t get me wrong, I do have specific office hours, but I am able to work them around my family and their schedule. But on a day like today when the weather is perfect, I can ride along with them to a meeting at work, and work my business for my car. For anyone starting out in business I have a few points below to share with you. ~ set specific hours. ~ calendar everything and use color. ~ plan your week on sunday night. good luck and best wishes, Lynn

No More Excuses

Most parents these days, are busy. Usually with one or more children, org can be a juggling act.
Between sports, plays, dance or music lessons, there are just not enough hours in a day.
Well I am going to tell you something that can change all that for you. Are you ready? Ok here it
is…stop making excuses!!!
It its just that simple ….you schedule doctor appointments, you schedule all their activities. And you would never ever forget a work or business appointment.
So start doing that with yours kids. After all why are you doing ask the rest? Isn’t out for them? Ask them sometime if they would rather have 20 minutes of practice or 15 with you …:)…and let me know what they tell you!

Success In Life…And Your Work Ethic…

One of the best ways to prepare your children for a successful future, is to give them chores. You will give them more by doing this than any college education or trade school can do for them.

When my kids were younger, they had friends to the house one day. When I mentioned to them, to finish their choirs, their friend asked them, “what are chores?”

To be honest, I should have said take care of your responsibilities. By giving my children chores, I did teach them responsibility. I also was teaching them that being a part of a family, team or group of people, you did your work or task at hand  because it was expected of you.

And that when you did finish, everything went smoothly and everyone gained from it. But more so, you gain confidence and belief in yourself. And to be truly successful in life, you will need to rely on yourself and your team to grow and become better.

So they next time you think about picking up your kids clothes or their toys off the floor, just remember, their future depends on you.

It Only Takes A Minute!

It only takes a minute to
tell a loved one you adore them
It only takes a minute
to run towards a fear
It only takes a minute
to set a big goal
It only takes a minute
to drink a glass of water
It only takes a minute to
read a great idea (that just might rock your  
It only takes a minute to
write the most beautiful thank you note you  
have ever sent your parents (or a teammate
or a customer or a high
school teacher who blessed your life)
It only takes a minute to
It only takes a minute to
connect to a friend or a co-worker
It only takes a minute to
help a human being in need
It only takes a minute to
raise your standards to world- class
It only takes a minute to
go the extra mile at work and wow a customer
It only takes a minute to
reflect on what you can do today to be  
better than you were yesterday
It only takes a minute to
embrace change
It only takes a minute to
make a new choice that will lead to your  
best life.
Make the best of your minutes.

Each one of them makes up your life

Lynn  Galbraith