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What makes you want to get out of bed everyday?


We all have those days. When the alarm goes off and we think, just 5 more minutes!! We roll over, and 5 minutes later, the snooze button goes off. Ok, so we want 5 MORE minutes, so we throw our shoe at our alarm. Don’t laugh, you all know you have done the same thing.

Most folks feel this way because they have to get out of bed for their job. Others may feel this way because they are stay at home parents and they know the children will not stay in bed as long as they would like.

Regardless of you reason we all have one. Sometimes it is because we have been working hard and are just completely exhausted. But one way or the other, we get up, we shower and we grab a cup of “jo” to start the day.

What is the reason? the motivation for you? Family? Your children? Your job? Money? Once you figure that out, then I want you to tell me why that one thing above all is the most important to you?

For me, it was always my kids.  i wanted them to realize, regardless of what life tossed you, there was always a reason to get up and do something everyday. just because our purpose isn’t always clear to us, doesn’t mean we dont work in the direction of our goals anyway. Now they are adults and living on their own, I would say my reason is still the same. Everyday has a purpose. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you wont be the reason someone else has a good day, and that is always a great reason!!

Make it a great day, your up and out of bed anyway!!



Did You Know


From the day we are born, we have the ability to be great. We dream of greatness as children. When asked what they want to be, most 1st grade children will answer such things as I want to be a rock star or a ballerina. Maybe they want to be the president.

At that age they only know one thing, they can do and be anything they want to be. And why shouldn’t they believe in that they are more that capable of doing whatever they want?

Truth is, we never really loose that chance or opportunity to do wonderful things with our lives. It is always there. We just talk ourselves out of it. And we call that reason fear. All fear is is our own insecurities coming against us and trying to trick us into believing that we can’t be exceptional.

What it comes down to is this, if you want something bad enough, you will fight to make it happen. if you dont fight for it, then you really never wanted it afterall.

So ask yourself, what do you want? Right now, today, what are your goals? What do you need to do to achieve them? What stands in your way? How would you feel if you went after what you want most in life?

You are braver, stronger and smarter than you think you are. Go forward and achieve!


There Are Only So Many Hours…

So many days…

So many weekends…

So many years…


So many of us can’t wait for our children to group up, to get out on their own. We look forward to that day with anticipation. Of course we have enjoyed having them at home and all of the wonderful memories, but then we will have “me” time again. Time to do the things we always wanted to do, before we started a family.

And at the same time we want our children to stay young forever. Till the right time comes for us to do all the things we wanted to do with them, all the trips, the adventures.

So why is it we are caught between now and then? That we struggle with what we desire for our life, our children and our family? For most folks it is a time commitment. And a lack of extra cash. They are too busy working a job, not building a life, and time passes. They want to wait till they get a raise, a bonus or next year.

And sadly they put off till tomorrow what needs done today. For most of you reading this you can relate. To much month and not enough money. The car needs fixed again. There is a graduation, a wedding, a birthday.

How can we change it you ask? We have to work. You are right, having an income is necessary for any life style to survive. But have you ever  wanted more, a brighter future?

Below I have listed a few ideas to help you create that better life, Enjoy and here is to your life being it’s best!!

  • find time to do little , inexpensive things with your family. don’t keep putting off that quality time while you wait to do the “big” things.
  • start keeping a budget, I am serious about this one, you will pay more attention to what is spent and how if you know where every cent goes.
  • put a little away when you can. Even if you  put aside a couple of dollars a day, at the end of the month, you can go out for a nice dinner, and more family memories
  • and finally, I know you  are hard-working and committed to your families, but what if you could add to your income from home, around your job and your family, would you be interested? Let’s  talk!

Make It A Great day!!


Lynn Galbraith
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You Can Make A Difference

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We all have the same amount of time in a day, a week a month or a year. We can all become great, or stay in mediocrity. The choice is simple.

What do you really want?

What gives your life meaning and passion?

Are you  getting that feeling with what you are doing now?

What needs to change?

Are you ready to have that life?

Will you be willing to do what it takes?

Do you have a no matter what attitude?

Only you can answer these questions honestly. And the answers you tell yourself is what will motivate you to have a wonderful life and brighter future…so “Are you ready to make a difference?

To Your Success,

Lynn Galbraith



Out Of My Control



Have you ever head someone say, they couldn’t help what happened to them? It was out of their control? So often as we get older and go through our lives, we tend to fall back on excuses.

I have heard folks say this too many time, because they are too afraid to admit, they have made some bad choices. And they don’t want to own up to the fact that it may have been some of their own doing. They would rather feel hopelessness and remain as they are than to step up and make the necessary changes they need to, in order to better their lives.

But you need to know that is all their own doing, You have a choice in anything you have accomplished or want to accomplish in your life. How? You just need to follow a few simple steps and you can have the life you want and so much more.

Here those steps are in a nutshell, hope they help you to your success…

  1. write down your goals
  2. date them
  3. keep them in a specific planner
  4. create a dream board
  5. at the end of each week, go back and  look at what you did well and make sure what ever needs work is priority one for the new week
  6. always be consistent
  7. don’t stop aiming higher than your circumstances
  8. work at you life when you are tired or don’t feel like it…